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Zebronic 600VA/360W Micro Load UPS with 12V 7Ah x 1 nos Battery Type, Wide Input Range, Auto Restart While AC is Recovering, LED & Audible Alarms for the Security and Surveillance CCTV /Broadcast Studio / Medical Equipments, Zeb-MLS750

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category : UPS 
Voltage : 240 Volts
Colour : Black
Dimensions : 27.9 x 10.1 x 14.2 Cm
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Generic Name : Computers
Country of Origin : China
Imported by : Zebronics India Pvt.Ltd.,No 118,Poonamallee High Road,
    Vepery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600084.

Introducing the Zebronics Computer UPS MLS750 – a specialized power protection solution designed to cater to the unique needs of surveillance CCTV systems, broadcast studios, and medical equipment setups. With its Micro Load UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) capabilities, this UPS offers a dependable and tailored solution to ensure uninterrupted power supply for critical equipment in these specialized environments.


The Zebronics Computer UPS MLS750 is meticulously engineered to address the specific demands of surveillance CCTV systems, broadcast studios, and medical equipment setups. These environments often require continuous and stable power to ensure the smooth functioning of critical equipment, data recording, and patient care. This UPS is purpose-built to provide reliable backup power, preventing interruptions due to power fluctuations, outages, or spikes.


Ideal for surveillance setups, this UPS ensures that CCTV systems continue to operate even during power disruptions. This is essential for maintaining the security of your premises and ensuring that critical surveillance footage is not compromised.


In broadcast studios, where uninterrupted recording and transmission are paramount, the Zebronics MLS750 UPS ensures that equipment remains operational without interruption. This is vital for ensuring seamless broadcasts and content creation.


For medical equipment setups, where patient care and diagnosis depend on continuous operation, this UPS offers the reliability required to prevent disruptions that could impact patient health and medical procedures.


The Micro Load UPS feature of the Zebronics MLS750 is tailored to handle the specific power requirements of these specialized environments. It ensures that even equipment with low power consumption remains powered, delivering consistent and stable power without unnecessary overloads.


The Zebronics Computer UPS MLS750 is a testament to Zebronics' commitment to providing specialized solutions for critical environments. With its focus on uninterrupted power supply, this UPS plays a vital role in maintaining the operations of surveillance CCTV systems, broadcast studios, and medical equipment setups.


In summary, the Zebronics Computer UPS MLS750 stands as a specialized and reliable power protection solution for surveillance CCTV systems, broadcast studios, and medical equipment environments. Its Micro Load UPS capabilities, tailored design, and focus on uninterrupted power supply make it an indispensable tool in ensuring continuous operation and data integrity in these specialized settings.