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Securely CCTV Power Supply for 16-Channel (12V 20Amp - Metal Body) SMPS - White

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Type : SMPS
Colour : White
Amperage : 20 Amps
Output Current : 20 Amps
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Generic Name : Computers
Country of Origin : India
Imported by : Secureye,Fortune Marketing Private Limited 
    D-1/2, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase -II, New Delhi-110020

Introducing the Securely CCTV Power Supply for 16-Channel, a robust and dependable power solution designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern surveillance systems. With its 12V output and 20A capacity, this metal-bodied SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) ensures a stable and efficient power source for up to 16 CCTV cameras, making it an essential component for your security setup.


This CCTV power supply unit is engineered for reliability and durability. Its rugged metal body not only provides protection for the internal components but also ensures efficient heat dissipation, allowing it to operate consistently even under demanding conditions. The white finish adds a clean and professional look, suitable for both commercial and residential installations.


With a 12V output, this power supply unit delivers the ideal voltage for most CCTV cameras, ensuring they operate at their optimal performance levels. The 20A capacity means it can handle the power requirements of up to 16 cameras simultaneously, making it suitable for medium to large-scale surveillance systems.


One of the key advantages of this Securely SMPS is its ability to centralize power distribution. Instead of dealing with individual power adapters for each camera, you can connect multiple cameras to this single unit, simplifying cable management and reducing clutter. This centralization not only makes your installation neater but also helps enhance security by minimizing points of failure.


The Securely CCTV Power Supply is equipped with multiple output channels, allowing you to connect and power various cameras and other surveillance components simultaneously. Each channel is protected against short circuits and overloads, ensuring the safety of your equipment.


Additionally, this SMPS features high-quality components and advanced circuitry to provide stable and clean power, reducing the risk of electrical interference or damage to your CCTV cameras.


In summary, the Securely CCTV Power Supply for 16-Channel (12V 20Amp - Metal Body) is a dependable and efficient power solution for your surveillance system. Its metal construction, centralization of power distribution, multiple output channels, and safety features make it an excellent choice for ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your CCTV cameras. Trust in the reliability and performance of Securely to keep your security system powered and running smoothly.