Seagate 2TB Internal Hard Drive 3.5 Inch for Desktop, ST2000DM005

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Type : HDD
Interface : Sata
From Factor : 3.5 inch
Capacity : 2 TB
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Generic Name : Computers
Country of Origin : Thailand
Imported by : Supertron Electronics Pvt.Ltd.
    "Supertron House" Cooper Lane, Kolkata - 700001

Introducing the Seagate 2TB Internal Hard Drive, a reliable and capacious storage solution designed for desktop computers. With its 3.5-inch form factor, SATA 6Gb/s transfer rates, and a maximum sustained transfer rate of 190MB/s, the Seagate ST2000DM005 is engineered to provide ample storage capacity and dependable performance for your desktop needs.


Ample 2TB Storage Capacity: The Seagate Internal Hard Drive offers a substantial 2TB of storage capacity, providing plenty of room to store your operating system, applications, documents, media, and more. It's an excellent choice for users who require extensive storage space.


3.5-Inch Form Factor: The 3.5-inch form factor makes this hard drive suitable for desktop computers. It easily fits into standard drive bays, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of desktop systems.


SATA 6Gb/s Transfer Rates: With a SATA 6Gb/s interface, this hard drive delivers rapid data transfer speeds, allowing for swift file access and data retrieval. It's a substantial upgrade from older SATA standards (6.0/3.0/1.5 Gb/s) and is designed to provide seamless performance.


Maximum Sustained Transfer Rate: The Seagate ST2000DM005 boasts a maximum sustained transfer rate of 190MB/s. This ensures that your data is read and written quickly, making it perfect for tasks that require speedy data access, such as video editing or gaming.


Dependable Desktop Storage: Seagate is a trusted name in the storage industry, known for producing reliable and durable hard drives. The ST2000DM005 is no exception, offering the quality and longevity you can rely on for your desktop storage needs.


Quiet and Efficient: This hard drive is designed to operate quietly and efficiently. It won't create unnecessary noise in your workspace and has a lower power consumption compared to older hard drive technologies, making it energy-efficient.


Desktop Compatibility: The Seagate ST2000DM005 is specifically designed for desktop use. It is compatible with most desktop computers, whether you're building a new PC or upgrading your existing system.


The Seagate 2TB Internal Hard Drive (ST2000DM005) is the ideal choice for users in need of generous storage capacity for their desktop computer. Whether you're storing a large media library, important work files, or extensive gaming libraries, this hard drive delivers reliable performance and ample space. Count on Seagate's reputation for quality and the convenience of a capacious 2TB storage solution. Upgrade or expand your desktop's storage with the Seagate Internal Hard Drive today and enjoy seamless performance and dependable data storage.