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See how Lenovo's technology
See how Lenovo's technology
See how Lenovo's technology
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GeForce RTX™ Graphics Cards
GeForce RTX™ Graphics Cards
GeForce RTX™ Graphics Cards
GeForce RTX™ Graphics Cards
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DCC has been providing the best computer accessories, printers, and laptop offers in Pune since 1992. We deal in all laptop brands including but not limited to Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, MSI, etc. We also build and provide assembled PCs. Our 20+ branded laptop stores in Pune and Maharashtra also offer warranty-covered computer accessories. We are also an authorised printer dealer in Pune located at the wholesale computer market in Pune. We are a prominent computer parts wholesaler in Pune, for all your custom PC requirements.

Dealing in hundreds of different brands, DCC's laptop showroom provides you with a wide variety of laptops, computers accessories. We also build and provide assembled PCs in Pune and all over India equipped with high-quality material and modern technology, our assembled PCs are recognized for their latest technology and durable quality. Being the one-stop solution we also provide laptop delivery at home, thereby we save our customers from any extra costs and provide them with the most affordable computer, Computer spare parts, laptop accessories, and laptops in Pune and India.

For the last 30 years DCC has been serving its customers with a wide range of products such as laptops, computers, assembled PCs, accessories, gaming chairs, and printers in Pune and now set to serve with the same efficiency online. Serving customers from a variety of industries such as manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, sports, food, education, etc. With such a wide experience we understand the needs of every customer and provide a durable solution that perfectly satisfies the needs of our customers. Moreover, we are also in Computer AMC services, Networking Solutions, and our USP- laptop repairing in Pune in Pune for 30 years.